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Locally Sourced

a group show featuring Kelsey Elverum, Lucia Holm, Gina Malek, Rachel Rickert, and Katie Ruiz; curated by Christina Papanicolaou

On View: 9.10 - 10.02.15

Opening Reception: Thurs, 9.10, 6-8pm


E.TAY Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural show,  Locally Sourced. This group exhibition brings together the work of five recent graduates of New York City MFA programs: Kelsey Elverum (Columbia University) Lucia Holm (New York Academy
of Art), Gina Malek (Columbia University), Rachel Rickert (The New York Studio School), and Katie Ruiz (The New York Studio School).


Locally Sourced features new paintings, sculpture, and photography that tie abstraction and figurative representation together through bold color and carefully considered space. The artists share intimate reflections on their personal identity and history as women; figures are withdrawn, spaces are looming and


vast, bursts of color are chaotic yet controlled. What one artist reveals through graphic, loud imagery, another renders in soft, sophisticated use of paint and brush.


O’Connor and Elverum’s canvases reveal intimate and fragmented memories through their kinetic use of space and fearless color. Rickert’s idiosyncratic figurative paintings explore the nature of our domestic spaces and how “apprehension lurks in anticipation of the chaos of the exterior world.” With a softer yet similar anxiousness, Holm’s photographs address the woes of ordinary life and the universal longing to escape. Ruiz protectively obscures her figures underneath a blanket, painting those “unique, precious, unguarded moments” between two people that are often lost once leaving a private and secure space.


While representation in the art world has long been dominated by male artists, E.TAY Gallery’s first group show, Locally Sourced, intends to push this statistic aside by presenting five women’s work that collectively produce a yearning yet imperative shout.

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