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Ad Infinitum, a solo show by Matt Neuman

On View: 4.20 - 5.21 2016

Opening Reception: Wed, 4.20, 6-8pm

E.TAY Gallery is pleased to present Ad Infinitum, a solo exhibition featuring new paintings and prints by Matt Neuman, curated by Christina Papanicolaou. Meaning “to continue forever without limit,” Ad Infinitum seeks to translate the complex expanse of space and time into a dynamic geometric experience. 


Neuman’s compositions ask us to think beyond the self and to contemplate our place in the cosmos by placing the viewer at the center of an immersive visual energy field. He constructs a continuum of topological spaces through curves, waves and concentric forms that suggest constant movement beyond the finite surface of the artworks. These motifs challenge the viewer’s notions about the linear nature of space and provide a visual analog to our familiar Cartesian environment. 


Neuman embraces the traditional values ofprintmaking as a potentially non-terminating, repetitive process and exaggerates it through subject matter that symbolizes the endless shifting of energy. His playful use of color captures the variant nature of energetic matter, rendering each print wholly unique. 


The carved structural designs of Neuman’s wood blocks impose a certain mechanical precision to his painterly use of ink. He escapes the constraints of the printing press by working quickly, embracing fluidity, and working with collage. His most recent experimentation with large-scale compositions redefine the conventional expectations of printed works on paper. 

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