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A solo exhibition by Emi Osada

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 23rd, 6-8pm

On View: 3/23 - 4/1


E. TAY GALLERY is pleased to present "Rhythmic Molecules,” a solo show by Japan-based artist Emi Osada. Her first solo exhibition in the United States is comprised of a new body of paintings. Osada’s work is closely connected to traditional Japanese culture. She depicts the genuine pulse of animals with lively brush strokes that are related to the peculiar rhythm of Japanese "Nihon-buyo" dance and  "Sho-do" calligraphy.

"Sho-do" calligraphy is an art of movement. “Sho” stands for calligraphy and “do” means the way. The process of “Sho-do” is believed to be a path that leads to comprehension of life’s meaning. It is the art of giving life to the brushstroke and endowing all characters with movement. In each brush stroke, the mind is vividly present.

“Rhythmic Molecules” explores the artist’s fascination with the play between organic amoebic life and geometric precision. We tend to be constrained by visual and superficial elements in everyday life but those elements might be results of movements that embodies the minds and spirits. In Osada’s work, each brush stroke has the potential to express the organic and spiritual motions that form the structure of the animal.

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