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Imperfect Containers

A group show featuring Gina Malek, Nicole Maloof, Lorella Paleni, and Leah Moskowitz, curated by Christina Papanicolaou

On View: 12.9.15 - 1.10.16

Opening Reception: Wed, 12.9, 6-8pm


E.TAY Gallery is pleased to present Imperfect Containers, a group show featuring Gina Malek, Nicole Maloof, Leah Moskowitz, and Lorella Paleni. The show is a look into the recent work of four artists living and making in relative proximity. Their ardent discourse revolves around navigations of the body: what defines it, what doesn't, and the constructs - both slippery & intractable - that get slung upon it. Imperfect Containers brings together works that point to this shared undertaking, encompassing

languages of drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography.


Gina Malek is drawn to hushed energy and the accumulated weight of a household; to people who spend a lot of time in one place, who sit in a particular chair and are never quite at ease. In the work, impressions are gathered and remembered sensations are smoked out through the act of painting.

Nicole Maloof draws stories, using brightly colored line to describe and reassess the boundaries and actions of her subjects. She creates a cast of actors through a play of human form, challenging the limited representations often encountered in popular culture. Maloof then steeps her subjects in a cross-referencing of science, postcolonialism, natural history, double entendre, and questions of gender in order to synthesize 
a new mythology that disrupts the stories that govern our present reality.


Leah Moskowitz understands photography as an experience of time made visible - made into a picture, materialized in sculpture, or activated by way of performance. Her photographs work through anticipation & material changes in whether. 

Lorella Paleni paints, draws and creates images that explore human/animal relationships, ideas of otherness and language validity. An intertwining of parts, flesh, skin, sweat, smell. Lumps of meat. The itching, noise of gnashing teeth and pain. Blood, laugh, a sharp burn like hot ashes pressing over the skin. The loneliness of bodies. 

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